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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

More on uniforms

Here in the local press we are often treated to photos of proud 'Hamas settlers, rallying at a funeral for one of their leaders, wearing a pseudo-guerilla costume that conceals their faces, save for crudely cut eye and mouth holes. This one, from 24 February 2004, struck me as different because it is fully white, rather than dark green or brown, and features mock suicide-bombing belts. (Of course they are fake. Why should they risk their lives when they can promise beautiful women and rivers of honey in heaven to a 15-year-old who will do it for them?) Again, their faces are concealed.

I put this together on a whim after seeing very early footage of a Ku Klux Klan rally. Two conflicting thoughts are running through my mind:

Is there some historical symbolism that traverses civilisations (the Spanish Catholic Church and its Latin-American offshoots; the KKK; 'Hamas) that brings significance to such a similarly garbed group of people? Is there some Jungian archetype in the subconscious of men who want to rally for a common (racist, militant) cause that compels them to dress from head to ankle in white robes?

Or have I fallen prey to false association, the kind that Roland Barthes demystified in his Mythologies?

Your comments, please.

From Josh Share
dimanche 11 avril 2004 10:46:15

Muslims, like Jews, are buried in white sheets. Most
of the losers wrap themselves in some sort of white
cloth before they go blow themselves up with Jews. One
was caught while wrapping his [evar] up to protect it
for his afterlife.

Why don't you have the option to print comments in
your blog like other beople do?

Chag sameach,

Michael replies:
Thanks for your comments. The reason I don't have self-posting comments is that my blog is too ghetto. Since it is built in Israel, it is required to be missing certain useful features and be busted at least twice a month due to shotty arab construction. Occasionally, too, it goes on strike.

The truth is I haven't bothered to find out how to do it yet. With your permission I'll cut-and-paste your message as a comment.

'Hag Samea'h

From Josh Share
mardi 13 avril 2004 02:06:10

and keep up with the humour, no matter how
sarcastic/cynical. The people I've met who are sick of
Israel and want to leave have all a single common
denominator; they've all lost it :-)


PinḼas Ivri 21:38


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