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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Not much news this week, due in part to all the following:

- My class is nearing the end of a sugiya (topic) in Gemara, and there's a test tomorrow
- Preparation for Pourim, such as making gift baskets and trying to figure out how much of the holiday I will spend with the yeshiva, and how much of it with Israelis
- I've been tweaking the Blog in hopes of inviting a bigger public
- Unseasonably hot weather since Shabbath has left everyone lethargic,
- especially today, which was an fast day (the fast of Esther)

Tonight we are getting some respite from the heat, as strong winds are blowing through the apartment, cooling everything off and overturning furniture. They are nothing compared to the fierce, vengeful winds of several weeks ago that brought in winter chill, but they are doing the job.
PinḼas Ivri 23:14


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