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Saturday, February 26, 2005

the return of Adi

Long-time readers may remember Adi Neuman, who was my Ḽavruta (Talmudic study partner) in yeshivah something like a year and a half ago, until I was married. Adi introduced me to the modern art of blogging, which I had previously relegated to the back of my mind under "Web Journals -- see amateur, context-free writing that nobody wants to read anyway". Needless to say, I discovered that it could be a more elevated medium, and decided to set out on my own. In fact, some of you may have found my blog from a link on Adi's "Home Beis".

At some point he went on hiatus, leaving us with a cryptic statement about vacation, preceded by a descriptions of his daily life in yeshivah, something of a combination between intense learning, poor nutrition, and sleep deprivation.

Well, he has returned to the keyboard after what seems like a year now, and apparently without having lost his acerbic and highly intelligent sense of humour.

It's Jewspeak. You read it here first, probably. Because I discovered it on my own just an hour after his first posting. How's that for keeping in touch with old yeshivah buddies?
PinḼas Ivri 20:54


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